Privacy Policy / GDPR

Information received from third parties is used mainly to fulfill all of our legal and / or contractual obligations. The notion of “contractual” encompasses the notion of legitimate interest. Any misuse made by a Belgian or European administration of information transmitted within the framework of the law cannot be attributed to us.

Any person concerned by a transfer of information made compulsory by law, carried out by our company to an administration, is required to ensure that all of their rights are respected, to contact the administration concerned directly.

Our company does not transmit any information that it holds on third parties, to subcontractors, neither for free nor for remuneration.

Legal information received from third parties will be saved, internally, as long as a legal obligation to keep it exists, the last prescription acquired, they will be purely and simply destroyed whether they are held in the form of a file or a file. paper support.

Commercial information received from third parties will be kept as long as this third party has not explicitly asked us to delete it, which will be done, in this case, within forty-eight hours. The same applies to any request made by a third party to modify or correct the information held, provided that this request is supported by a supporting document.

Any information or request about the information held by us can be obtained by any interested party by sending a detailed registered letter addressed to the registered office of the company of the company. This request must be accompanied by a front / back copy of the applicant’s identity card. Questions without a legal basis will not be answered.